SunSet Hills is an upcoming modern hilltop development, mimicking a slice of heaven whilst cradled within the unique  Mediterranean seaside village of Porto Heli.

The development encapsulates the true essence of Greece by staying true to the traditionally captivating Mediterranean charm, but yet delivering the luxury of a modern design. This is aided by our partnering with the renowned Greek architectural house A&T Kontodimas, complimented by grade A construction and supervision, therefore delivering the highest standard of luxury build.

The strategic location of this luxury development provides easy access for international travellers seeking out a second home in the rich culture and natural beauty of Greece. The village is ideal for both families looking for adventure but also for those looking for a serene and idyllic haven to retire to.

Located on the Eastern Peloponnese, in less than 3 hours away from Athens, mere minutes away from the phenomenal island of Spetses, the cosmopolitan village of Porto Heli is a naturally harboured bay, which makes it an excellent anchorage for yachts and sailboats. This location is ideal for the avid explorer, as it is filled with stunning places to discover in every corner. One can also find themselves immersed in its rich history and mythology, such as the ancient cities of Mycenae and Nafplio.

Alongside a vibrant nightlife, the village is also a host to plenty of taverns, bars, restaurants and cafes along the promenade of the port itself, all while surrounding yourself with stunning backdrops of the rolling green hills and pristine coved beaches.

Porto Heli is a perfect destination in investing into a holiday home and creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.